Sunday, November 23, 2008

31 Weeks

7 Months

7 Month Accomplishments
  • Just when we thought we had heard her highest note she found another octave! I think we have a soprano on our hands!
  • Scooting around the room and crawling backwards
  • Discovery of different textures
  • Sitting up on her own for long periods of time without falling over
  • Sweet potatoes, bananas, and pears
  • Her song, "Mommy, Daddy, Lilija" song, and the hymn There's Just Something About His Name
  • Pink Bear
  • Nap time!
  • Talking, cooing, and putting everything in her mouth

30 Weeks

She LOVES her pink bear!

29 Weeks - Mastering the art of sitting up!

28 Weeks

Lilija's 1st Halloween

I really wanted to dress her up as a lobster and carry her around in a roasting pan but it was vetoed. *sigh*

So...late in the game I found this adorable Eeyore suit. It even had a pink bow on the tail. :)

Play time!! (27 Weeks)

We figure that somehow Lilija learned some sort of yoga/pilates moves. She starts on her back, rolls over, puts her arms and legs up in the air and kicks, and then puts her legs down and props herself up on her arms. I've tried doing the "Lilija" and it was a great workout! I think she's onto something...