Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lilija quote of the night

No pictures to this one. Just the conversation with a little background before I start. Lil loves to read stories to anyone that will listen, and she has a wonderful imagination. In most of her stories, she will stop and say, "and then there was a...." and she waits for you to fill in the blank. We have figured out that you either say:

1. a lion
2. an elephant, or
3. a horse

This typically makes things pretty easy. Well, she threw me for a loop tonight. Here's how it went - oh and by-the-way, we were reading a book about a ladybug.

Lilija: "And then there was a....?"
Me: "A lion?"
Lilija: "Nope! An elephant and a horse." (Slight change to the norm with the addition of the second animal. Clever.)

Fast forward 4 pages

Lilija: "And then there was a...?"
Me: "An elephant!"
Lilija: "No Mama! I already told you. It was an elephant AND a horse."

Simply Calah

Calah is 11 months old. That just doesn't seem right, but apparently the calendar says otherwise. Our Calah Girl has grown so much in the last month that it's almost a new trick or discovery every day. She is a Mama's girl, loves to wrestle with Lilija, and got her first "brain freeze" when I let her have some of my blueberry banana smoothie. Whoops!

Here are some of the highlights from the last month:
  • Standing on her own
  • Took her first steps on April 10th
  • Has said Nana, Bapa, shoe (it was a proud moment - we're working on DSW), okay, and goopa. (Yeah, I'm not sure what that one is but she says it ALL THE TIME!)
  • Has 4 teeth and is working on the 5th
  • Has used the remote to record shows, and delete our recordings. Um, no. I do not want to add the 30 minute extension to basketball, and where did my Grey's recording go?!
  • Likes to drink out of a straw instead of her sippy cup
  • Recently has decided that it's fun to take food out of her mouth and put it in her hair OR try to knock the food off of the spoon while you're trying to get it in her mouth. Mealtimes are always an adventure!
That's the scoop! Much love to you all!
The Corbett Family

Calah and Bapa

Pull Books off of the Shelf

One of Calah's favorite games

The best haircut EVER!

My friend Megan told me about this place in Elk River that specializes in kids hair cuts (they also have a sign that says "We cut mullets for free"). I couldn't argue with the price, so I took Lilija there, and it was awesome! She got to choose from a car and two other things to sit on/in. AND she even got to watch Shrek! She doesn't look thrilled in the pictures, but she had a good time - especially when she got a sucker at the end!