Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I love my family!

Even though it's just Carl's leg it proves he was there and that I love him too! Even if I didn't get a picture of us. :)

Happy (belated) birthday girls!

Lilija turned 5 years old on April 20th and Calah turned 3 on May 15th. How did that happen? I remember them looking like this:

But, somehow they now look like this:

Here's a little update on what's going on in the Corbett family and with the girls.

Once Lilija turned 5 I think she thought she turned 15 because she all of a sudden started to want to make the rules and talk to me like a peer. Yeah, that wasn't going to fly which led to this conversation:

Lil - Why do you get to make all of the rules?
Me - Because I'm the Mama.
Lil - So when do I get to make the rules?
Me - When you're a Mama.
Lil - But that's SO FAR AWAY!
Me - Yep, it sure is! :)

Here are a few of her other lines that have been said over the past few months:
  • Mama, did you know that dinosaurs are instinct because they laid eggs?
  • (Trying to spell "milk") M-I-L...hum...C or a K...what a mystery!
  • (To Carl as he was leaving for work) Wait bro, hugs and kisses.
  • Today is such a great day! I just love being a child!
She is so funny without knowing it, is passionate about everything (and a little dramatic...must be from Carl *wink*), is reading and doing math, and is just an all around fun kid to be around!

Calah still has her cute little kid voice which makes her funny little sayings all the more funny! She loves playing Reading Eggs on the computer, coloring, and helping me cook or bake in the kitchen. She gives the best hugs ever and I can hardly resist when she asks me to "come snuggle in" as she motions for me to come cuddle on the couch. Her cute little voice really came in to play for this exchange:

Me: Hey, come to the table it's time for dinner.
Cal: What we having?
Me: Pizza
Cal: (in a super high and very loud voice) I SO EXCITED FOR PIZZA!
Me: Calah! Lower your voice!
Cal: (in a baritone/bass voice) I so excited for pizza!

Here are a few of her lines over the past few months:
  • (Bending over to get her shoes on and realized her pants started to fall down) Hey! My butt is peaking out!
  •  (Waking up in Grand Marais and coming out into the living room which had been completely moved around from the previous day) Hey...what's going on here?!
  • Mama, you're old huh? (thanks hun!)
And my line is - I LOVE MY FAMILY!