Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting dressed - Calah style

Getting dressed

I pulled out Lilija's tub of 3T clothes trying to find some pants and shirts to fit our growing Calah. As I was going through the tub, Calah proceeded to put them on. I think at one point she had her PJs, 3 dresses, and two pairs of pants on! Silly girl!

Smiley face - funny face

Como Zoo

We took a trip to Como Zoo on a random day that I had off in April. How fun to be able to go to the zoo in March...in summer clothes!


Nana and  Bapa wanted to take the girls to Cabela's, so off we went on an adventure. Who knew you could have so much fun in a sporting warehouse?

A moose!

Baba - why is that antelope looking at me?


And at this point we saw the "please don't sit on the 4 wheeler" sign. Whoops.

Carl rocking out the shooting game. Meow!

Shopping...shooting...best of both worlds?!


Craft time

 Carl does such a great job of doing fun crafts with the girls. This one was for Valentines Day. Awe.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Big Girl Bed!!

Hellooooooo big girl bed!

Calah was getting really close to climbing out of her crib (she would climb IN...) so it was time to say "bye" to the crib and "hello" to her big girl bed! We had to take one last picture of her in the crib and Lilija wanted to join her. I think Lil was more upset about the crib leaving than Calah was...

Lilija's first day of preschool

We really hadn't considered preschool until we took her in to get her kindergarten prescreening through Anoka Hennepin. Well, she rocked out the tests and then the lady says, "She does have a difficult time following other people's agendas." You can only giggle at that. Um, yes, that is a very accurate statement. So, we very quickly looked for a preschool and landed at Mt. Olive Christian Preschool in Anoka. Lilija's has been going there for a few months now and just loves it! It's so fun to see her artwork, hear her tell stories about Jesus, and sing songs from school. Here are some snapshots from her first day.