Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Other cute GM pics

Bapa and Lilija

Bapa and Lil have a special relationship. It's so much fun to watch the two of them interact, and this was just about as special as it gets. I've have the same memories of Dad teaching me to skip rocks, climb the rocks out to the breaker and lighthouse, be close enough to grab my hand if I needed it, but also let me figure out things on my own. How precious to see my little girl get to experience those same moments with her Bapa!

One really cute moment - she was jumping across the rocks, but if she got to a spot that was a little bit too scary she would say, "Oh-oh Bapa. We've got a BIG problem!"

Hughie's Puff Tacos

For those of you that know us, love us, or have been following along in the the blog, you know that our family loves Grand Marais. Even if you're not down for camping, or live in MN, everyone should experience a couple things in this city:

1. A skizzle from Worlds Best Doughnuts
2. An appetizer and a drink on the roof of the Gunflint Tavern
3. Pizza from Sven and Ole's

and a new one to the list...

4. A puff taco from Hughie's Take Out Taco House

I think Carl has been dreaming about these since last summer. The ambiance is fantastic, the service is just as great, and the puff tacos are out of this world.

The first trip to Grand Marais - Summer has begun!

May. Yeah, May. Do you remember it being cold? I think it even snowed, but still I know that summer is coming when it's time for the first trip of the year to Grand Marais. We spend Memorial Day weekend with Nana and Bapa at their cabin. What a fun time!

First step? Driving pictures!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Daddy and his girls

The Purple Cake Monster!!

The concept - great. The result - kind of hilarious.

We thought it would be a great idea to get a picture of the kids with all of the Great Grandparents. didn't go over quite as well as we hoped.

Calah's 1st Birthday - Time for presents

A sweet look at Daddy
Big Sister = Big helper
Calah and her new dolly
If you build it...they will knock it over.
The best part about someone else's birthday party is playing with all of the new toys!

Calah's 1st Birthday - Party people...well some of them

Grandmarais and Robert
Grandpa Mike, Alissa, and KariMe and CashewMeg and MeScott and Calah Girl

You'll see pictures of the other party people in the other pictures: Grandpa Kruppstadt, Uncle Andy, Jack, and of course...Lilija and the hubby!