Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve with SMACK MR T, LJ!

This tradition has been going since 2005. Oh the changes that have happened in a few short years! Each person gets a Secret Santa from the group and then we end the night with a white elephant exchange. The person who "wins" the White Elephant gift hosts the following year.

Jack and Lilija

The girls: Meg, Trish, Me and Meg-Meg

One of the gifts: Purple butterfly purse and a Barbra Streisand CD

Another fun gift the ever popular and 2nd place winner - Nunchuck

Christmas Eve with the Freemans

Christmas Eve - We started the day by going to the candlelight service at Meadow Creek. Lilija had many impromptu solos. I guess she missed the memo about Silent Night. After the service GG & Great Grandpa Molin, Gramma Mare & Grampa Wiskers, and Carl and I...and of course Lilija...headed to our house for dinner and presents.

Growing up Grandpa Molin dressed up as Santa and this year he was able to dress up as Santa for Lilija. What a special moment!

8 Months Old

Lilija was far more interested in grabbing the sign then sitting still for the picture. Oh well...

8 Month Accomplishments
  • Saying Mama/Mom/Dada (We're not sure if she knows what she's saying yet but she clearly said the words!!)
  • First tooth
  • First time "crawling" forward
  • Starting to stand with help from Mama or Daddy...or a couch :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

First Motion Forward

Lilija mastered the art of the commando backwards crawl a while ago but hadn't quite figured out how to go forward. I was sitting on the floor going through the newspaper and Lilija was extremely interested in looking through the ads. (I think we have a future deal finder on our hands!) She made a lunge forward at the ads so I moved them closer to me and she moved forward again! Way to go Baby Girl!

First tooth!

With how much this little girl drools I thought she was going to get her first tooth months ago but last Wednesday one finally broke through.

Christmas Concert at the Creek...future Alto!!

Stunning picture of Mama and Dad...what a great looking couple!

Family picture time!

Great Grandpa and GG's turn. Lilija wanted to jump the entire time and had NO interest in sitting still for a picture. :)


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

33 Weeks

I love my family!

Family Picture

We found out that she LOVES balloons. We tried to make her let go of the string but she was NOT having it. Thus, the green line on her face. Oh well...

Lilija's First Kiss!!

November 30th we had a fun filled day over at David and Green's to celebrate Jeanna's 1st birthday. Gavin, Jenna's older brother, decided that Lilija needed a peck on the cheek!

"Stop! You're in my bubble!"

"What's going on??!!"

"I got a kiss! From a BOY!!"

Monday, December 1, 2008

Trip Up Nort'

2nd cousins...or at least I think that's what they are...

from left to right: Zeke, Lilija and Kale

Oh...we have a smile out of Kale (big surprise there...)

Kale is still smiling while Lilija and Zeke fight over the yellow toy...who will emerge victorious?

I think she has it...