Monday, July 9, 2012

So animated...where does she get that?!

Grand Marais - Memorial Day Weekend

This is how the summer begins and ends - in Grand Marais. It's pretty cool that our favorite place is the bookends of summer. The first trip, Memorial Day weekend, is with Nana and Bapa, and our last trip over Labor Day weekend is with friends and family. Ahhhhh....I can smell the North Shore air now. Ok, and really, if you have no idea what I'm talking about you owe it to yourself and to all of the people in MN to get yourself up there this summer! You will thank me. :)
Driving pictures

Lilija has this down by now.

I may have to do a Driving Pictures compilation...side burns, no sideburns, mustache, full beard. It would be fun!

The most beautiful rainbow welcomed us to Two Harbors and stayed with us a while. It was a fun chance to tell the girls about why God made the rainbow.

Bapa taking his girls out to the rocks.

Bapa and his billy goat.

Puff Tacos at Hughies. YUM!

Cute picture of you two!

And add two cute girls and you get a whole lot of cuteness!!




Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lilija's last day of school

Lilija's school had an end of the year celebration with games and a picnic in the park. Fun times!

Como with Calah

I hug you!

Another hug!

Big kitty!

Train ride with Daddy.

Mama, Calah...and a gorilla. Sigh.