Thursday, May 17, 2012

Family pics from Easter

Bapa and his girls

Andy, Trish, and baby Zachary

Me and my Mama


Mama and GG

Me and my babe

The egg hunt continues...

What am I supposed to do with this?!

Oh! There's treats inside!

I found two!

Sisters. Awe.

Action shot! Speedy girl!

I'm going to take a break from all this running around to go down the slide! Wee!

Easter egg hunt!


Look at those curls!

Three generations...four including the ones above. How cool!
So yes, I am a little behind. What else is new? Sigh. Hey, at least I'm not posting Easter pictures at Christmas!

Artists in the making

Old school Mario is back!

Lilija has fallen in love with a boy. His name is Mario...or Luigi...depending on the day. Daddy and Lil love to cuddle up and play together. So cute! As Lil would say, "Daddy, we NEED to rescue the princess!"

Making cookies!

Try mine!

Now try mine!

Cookies in progress...

I can almost taste them!
They're done! Now let's eat!!