Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Lilija has been "going" on her potty for a while now...don't get too excited just yet. She would sit on it with her clothes on and make the sound "psssss." She also loves to grab a magazine and read too! (I have NO idea where she got that from. :) )

Last week Carl called me and told me that she had asked to go and she actually went for real! I was sitting at my desk with tears rolling down my face as she said, "Potty, Mama!" into the phone. All I could tell my co-workers was that I have never been so excited about pee in my entire life!

Way to go little girl!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas in Nisswa

We headed up to Nisswa the day after Christmas. It was a little scary on the drive up but we made it there safe and sound. Auntie Jan had a soup buffet for dinner and she was easily talked into making some Danish Puff. Baby JJ Jr. really enjoyed that! We spend some time outside sledding (SUPER fun! Lilija said "Wee" and "Again!" the entire time we were outside!) Carl, Lilija and I spend the night at Keri and Toby's house, went to church with them in the morning, headed in to Brainerd to see Grandma Marge and then headed home. It was a quick but really fun trip!This was the entry point for their driveway. Thank goodness for all wheel drive! Ella, Leif, Lilija and Carl watching some cartoons before it was time to leaveLilija must be taller then we think. She went into the kitchen, grabbed an apple, and came back into the living room with bites already out of it. I guess there are much worse things she could have been eating. "Lilija we do not eat___________!" Let me see, I know I've said the following: kitty food, rocks, dirt, plants, paper, books, twigs, trees, grass, and a lot more that I can't remember at the moment. She's her Mama's child. If you want verification on that ask my Mom. I'm sure she would be MORE than happy to tell you some stories!

Christmas with the Corbett's

Dad, Kari and Alissa came over to our house on Christmas Day for brunch. The rest of the Corbett's had headed down to Florida for the week. I'm just a wee-bit jealous but the snow here was beautiful. Right? Yes, it was beautiful.Lilija got a remote controlled robot from Dad and Kari. It was a huge source of entertainment for the day!Lilija, Kari and Grampa Mikers watching the robot
Another picture of the robot. Go robot go!!Gramma Sherri and Robert got Lilija the pink Radio Flyer scooter you see in the background. Grandpa Mikers and Kari got her the helmet so she's safe. I thought it was incredibly special for both sides of Carl's family to unknowingly go in on such a cool gift together. I know Lilija is going to have a TON of fun this spring riding it up and down the street!What a big girl! Where did our baby go??

Cristmas Eve with the Freeman's

Christmas Eve starts off at G&G Molins for Swedishes. Yum and a half! (They are kind of like crapes except better...much MUCH better!) Then we head to the candle light service at Meadow Creek and then head over to the Freeman's for dinner and presents. It was an awesome day!
GG, Nana and LilijaBaba and LilijaGG (Both Gramma and Grampa Molin are called GG)Our family at the candle light service...I'm hoping I can figure out a way to remove the red eyes.Lilija got a Dollie from Carl and I for Christmas. We were calling it her baby but that caused confusion with me saying the baby is in my tummy. Case in point - We asked Lilija where her baby was and she patted on her tummy. *sigh*

Christmas with SMACK MR T LJ aka "Friendsmas"

It was our year to host...I won last year with the picture of the dancing bears and a box of Jello. (It was a shout out to our Labor Day camping trip at Lutsen.) here's the background. SMACK MR T LJ stand for Scott, Meg-Meg, Andy, Carl, Kysa, Meg, Roger, Trish, Lilija and Jack. We've been getting together on Christmas Eve-Eve every year since 2004ish. The person that wins the white elephant gift exchange hosts the following year. (We vote on the funniest gift) So there you go! If you have further questions feel free to ask. :)Jack and Lilija...don't they look thrilled?!Andy and Tricia's little girl Doolie - Doo-da-doo!!The boys: Andy, Scott, Rog and Carl
The girls: Trish, Me, Meg-Meg and Meg

Christmas with the Kruppstadts

We wanted to have the Kruppstadt group over to see the new house. That turned into hosting Christmas! It was crazy with 17+ people running around but it was also a great amount of fun!Carl, me and PeanutGrandpa Kruppstadt opening his gift card and cookies. Just a few minutes later he was snoozing in the chair...very impressive seeing that there were 7 kids tearing into presents!!From left to right: Zachary, Carl, Lilija, Gramma Sherri, Eric and Robert