Thursday, June 14, 2012


Rog, Meg, Carl, and I headed to Lutsen the last week in April to celebrate our Friendversy (friend anniversary), Roger's b-day, and our wedding anniversary. It was such an awesome and much needed time to reconnect! It may have to become an annual event! Here are some of the favorite pics of the weekend.
The famous driving pictures

Yep, another one

And the driver and navigator

We're here! Ya-hoo!!

Time for FIYO!!

Welcome! Why, thank you. Happy to be here!

The view from Superior National Golf Course. It was AWESOME!

Henry? Harry? Whatever we named him...he was our little friend for the weekend.

We had such an amazing time out at dinner and played "would you rather" for hours. Even the staff got involved! Would you rather see a bird explode in mid-air or a zebra get eaten by a lion? Jury is still out on that one! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

B-day party video - the Bubblemakers

B-day party video...ALL the people!

Birthday party for the girls - part 4: The cake!

Birthday party for the girls - part 3: The Bubbles

I tried to be crafty and make bubble wands for the kids as a party favor (thanks for helping with that Meg and and rest of the group). Well, I think the adults ended up having more fun. It's the thought that counts, right?!

Birthday party for the girls - part 2

You never know what the weather is going to be like at the end of April. Will it be nice enough to play outside without our parkas on? Thankfully, we had a pretty nice day...a little on the chilly side, but that didn't stop us! Thank you all for coming and celebrating with us!
You better know who is this by now! :)

Lil with her sandbox...and yes, a helmet. And no, we don't make her wear a helmet to play in the sandbox. Keep scrolling.

Trish and Doolie
Nana helping Lilija with her new bike
Calah and her new bike!

Lil and her new bike...and golf club. I think it's her version of Polo.
The next great golf star??
Action shot
Grandpa Mikers and Kari
Calah and Jack
Will's parents - John and Wendy
Hi friends and family!

Birthday party for the girls - part 1

We had a combo birthday party for Lilija and Calah since their birthdays are so close together. Brilliant!! I'm hoping this will work for at least the next 20 years! No? Darn. Well at least the next few. Happy Birthday to my precious girls. I love you more than popcorn, trips to the pool, and unicorns...and that's A LOT!

Grandmarais and Lil

Grandmarais and Robert
Strike a pose, Lilija and Reagan!
Having fun!
Shaynn with the twins - Harper and Lincoln
Wendy and me
Me and Grandpa Kruppstadt - love this pic!
Calah in her new chair and shades
It was Gift-a-la-palooza! Thank you everyone!