Monday, November 21, 2011

Another funny Lil quote

Place: In the car
Setting: Driving home from a friends house, we took a small detour to look at some Christmas lights. Lilija keeps asking why more people don't have the Christmas lights on. We keep telling her that most people don't turn their lights on until after Thanksgiving.
Lilija: "Maybe if I tell the people to turn their lights on then we'll see more lights. HEY PEOPLE! TURN ON YOUR LIGHTS! Why didn't they turn on their Christmas lights? Oh, I bet they didn't hear me with the window up, huh?"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween cookies!

I love traditions, and this one was borrowed from my sister-in-law's family (thanks Trish!). They grew up using a Cookie Monster recipe that has now been passed on to my family. The girls are getting better every time we make the cookies. Well, Calah just likes to play with the sprinkles and eat the cookies, but Lilija is becoming quite the artist!

The progression of cookies

Pile o' leaves

...and a pile of leaves was never safe with the sisters around...

Monday, November 14, 2011


Alright, I was just going to post the pictures...but thought I should probably tell the story. First there's a couple things you should know.
1. This was at the woman's retreat from Meadow Creek (so awesome!)
2. I finally got Meg to come with! It was so great to have her with!
3. Don't mess with Candi and Beth with pontoons or ping-pong. They turn into competitive 16 year old girls. I may have made some other comparisons that weekend...I'm sure Candi or Beth would be happy to share.

Alright, so it was a windy day and we knew that there would be a pontoon race. Last year the same race happened and Beth won. Beth also won ping-pong that year.

Fast forward a year...

So again, it was a windy day. Really windy. We left in our pontoon first, and then a few minutes into our leisurely boat ride we hear the other pontoon approaching, driven by Beth. We know that the race is going to happen!

Across the lake they see a canoe. What a great finish line we decide! And off we go on the race across the lake! In the mean time the canoe, already paddling in pretty good waves, had made their way left while we were still aiming at the previous point because we were going straight. Our pontoon was in the inside and Beth's was on the outside. All of a sudden Beth backs off and cuts behind us! With all of the ladies just giggling away! We very quickly realize that our finish line is still the canoe and they are going to try to beat us!

So image this if you can. Two very old style pontoons filled with giggling ladies driving are heading for the canoe (with two younger ladies in it). Beth's pontoon passes the canoe on the left and ours passes on the right. And then we realize...oh no...the wakes from the pontoons!!

Just then we see the two girls get hit by two huge waves! Thankfully they managed to keep the canoe upright! I mean, we would have circled back. :)

PS - Beth may have won the pontoon race, but Candi dominated ping-pong.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Redding!!

Robert and Carl's mom, Sherri, have been engaged for a little while now and decided to just set a date and get about a week! It was a wonderful wedding! Both sets of kids provided something special to really add to the day...Carl and I surprised them with flowers (every bride needs flowers!) and Robert's daughter Kara and boyfriend Kyle (spelling...and I hope the right names!!) provided a special song. It really was incredibly special and we wish you both all the happiness in the world.

Robert and kids, welcome to the family!

Carl, his mom...the bride to be, and CalahCarl, Calah, and me
The little kids: Lilija, Robert's son Erik, and Calah
Robert's daughter Lea
Robert's oldest daughter, Kara and her boyfriend Kyle
The bride and groom
Exchanging rings...
Yea! Way to go!

A beautiful day for Como Zoo

Carl, his mom, and the girls enjoyed a beautiful September day (yep, I am a little behind!) at Como Zoo. Fun times had by all!