Monday, August 22, 2011


Calah, Lilija, and Erik

Grandmarais and Calah

Calah had just eaten a piece of chalk, so Grandmarais was telling Calah to stick out her tongue. And lucky me! The camera was ready to capture the moment!

A riddle

How many kids can you fit into a plastic bin that is also filled with toys?

Playing outside

Calah and Reid
Me and Calah Girl
Cousins...but more like sisters. :)


You'll see the sandbox "mud pit" in the next series of pictures. One of the things that happened when the sandbox was filled with water is these two frogs came swimming to the surface. We tried to feed them bugs, but apparently they had stage fright.

The frogs have been discovered!

Two frogs. Can you see them?

Frog with a bug on it's head. Classy.

Leif and Lilija playing in the mud

What is better than playing in a sandbox? How about filling it to the top with water and having a mud party?!

Calah on the move

Keri and Toby

*Awe* Love you guys!

Play time with t he Wooden's

Are we in October? Nope. Just having fun with the cousins in June! Lilija is the white Power Ranger and Kale is Spiderman. And little Miss Calah is about ready to rip Kale's mask off. She apparently didn't like the idea of dress up time - or maybe she just doesn't have a thing for Spiderman...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Look at those curls!

Cowgirl Lilija

Do you see the hat? She had just taken it off, but note the horse as well. I think this one is Maximus...or it could be Bullseye. All of her horses are named one or the other. (Thank you Tangled and Toy Story series.)

Cowgirl Calah

Sweet little Calah Girl is in LOVE with this hat! It was Auntie Tricia's hat until the girls found it when we had the garage sale back in June. It's been a popular source of entertainment ever since! Ye-haw!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lilija Funnies

Kids say the darnedest things. Yep, they sure do! Here is a compilation of some of Lilija's recent quotes. Enjoy!

Place: In the car

Setting: Carl and I were bantering back and forth about something (nicely…not arguing)

Lilija: “Daddy, be nice. Mama, be nice. Okay? You need to be nice, because you’re being rude.”

Place: In the “formal” living room

Setting: Carl and Lilija are on the love seat and Lilija is using the Tag Reader with her special books. I am chasing Calah around the living room and through the kitchen.

Lilija: “Sssh, Mama. Try to be more quiet. I’m trying to concentrate on my book, okay?”

Place: Our bedroom

Setting: Carl and I are folding laundry and are talking. Lilija and Calah enter the room…

Lilija: (grabs Calah’s hand) “Come on Calah, lets’ go. Mama and Daddy are talking.” (escorts Calah out of our room)

Place: Lilija's bedroom

Setting: I'm in the bedroom with Lilija and Calah and Lilija has just referred to Calah as "he" instead of "she" for about the millionth time.

Me: "Calah is not a he! She is a she! She! She! She! Why do you keep calling her a "he?!"

Lilija: "Because you make me nervous."

Me: "What did you just say?"

Lilija: (quietly) "You make me nervous."

Place: Bathtub

Setting: I had gotten a play tea set at a garage sale and Lil and Cal are playing with it in the tub. Lilija is pretending that her ducks are coming to the tea party. Note: The role of "Duck" is played by Lilija in a higher squeaky voice.

Lilija: "Do you want some tea?"

Duck: "No, I want some chocolate coffee."

Lilija: "You need to be patient."

Duck: "I want some chocolate coffee!"

Lilija: "I don't have chocolate coffee. I just have the real kind."

Duck: "Ok. I'll have that."