Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Congratulations party for Bapa

Bapa finally got a very much deserved promotion at work. He went from one fancy title to another, and we got together to celebrate! Yippee! Ya-hoo!Trish, can you believe that you're going to have a baby in just a few weeks?!Yea. Ham. I'm so excited. Lil and Cal on a ride. I think they were on this most of the night. It brought back memories of Andy and I running around in the same circle in the house singing "Noah found faith in the eyes of the Lord..."Playing a game of 10,000Lil with a genuine smile?! I think it is!!Bapa and his tower. Lil went to look at is and then summoned us to the living room by saying, "Adults! Come look at Bapa's tower!"

Break out the sled! We have snow!

Backyard fun!

So, snow has been almost nonexistent this year, so you really need to take advantage of it while it's here...even if it's only 1/2 inch!

Finger painting

Nana and Bapa got the girls finger-paints for Christmas (the OCD in me had a moment and then I realized that this is a rite of passage...or something like that). Oh what fun they had getting their fingers in the paint and being able to make a mess and call it art!

Calah and her shoe addiction

Bed and books