Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ketchup = Makeup

Lilija was watching me put on foundation and she must have thought that ketchup was the same thing. *sigh*

Ketchup = Makeup

You can't really tell with the video so here is the final product. Quite lovely don't you think. Maybe she has a future with Mary Kay or Aveda! (Even funnier...Lilija just walked by the computer pointed at the picture and said, "Eww!")

Go Vikes!

Carl thought it was necessary to teach Lilija "touchdown" with her arms held up in the air. We'll see if she remembers tonight for the game...because you KNOW there are going to be some MN touchdowns! Go Vikes!

Giving Thanks

This was year number 4 or 5 that we had Friend's Thanksgiving. Andy, Trish, Meg, Rog, Meg-Meg, Scott, Jack, Carl, Lilija and I (oh and Doolie) get together and we each bring a couple things and it equals a feast. Some of us have family out of town...some have family that goes out of town so we just decided a few years back that we should celebrate together.

The guys tending the turkey - yup we grilled it!Auntie Trish put Lilija's hair in piggy tails for the first time. Cute!
Ok - is it time to eat or what?!Me, Carl and PeanutMeg, Rog, Trish and Andy (Scott, Meg-Meg and Jack came for dessert)

The New House

We are in LOVE with our new place...well most of it that is. I couldn't stand the large pine tree in the front yard. I haven't had much experience with trees living in a townhome for the the last 5 years but this one was big and dirty! Carl and I were constantly sweeping up pine needles and pinecones. The tree had to come down!! AND the day before Thanksgiving it did thanks to Andy and a buddy of his. They used to cut down trees for Asplundh (or something spelled close to that) so they had it on the ground in no time. Yippee!!


Hangin' out with Gramma Sherri