Thursday, August 19, 2010

3 Months Old

Our sweet little Calah Girl is already 3 months old! She has really started to develop her personality this last month and is continuing to grow. We had to pull out the 6-9 month tub a couple of weeks ago. Oh, and the Jump-a-Roo is already on the 2nd height setting!

Highlights from the last month:
  • Will echo your pitch or the sound of your phrase
  • Has discovered that she prefers her thumb over the nuk
  • Moved into her nursery
  • Would rather be bouncing, standing, or sitting versus laying down
  • REALLY likes the Jump-a-Roo!
Carl "Chip", Kysa, Lilija and Calah

Pretty as a Flower

Silly Lilija

A Beautiful Day to Play Outside

13 Weeks Old

Friday, August 13, 2010


Calah's feet were already starting to hang over the end of her swing, so we decided to see if she would fit in the Jump-a-Roo. This was Lilija's FAVORITE thing be in when she was little...and it looks like Calah is going to be the same way!

12 Weeks Old

11 Weeks Old