Saturday, February 27, 2010

Daddy and his Little Girl

Her Reaction

Big Girl Bed

With the arrival of Baby JJ Jr. rapidly approaching we (meaning me) decided it was time to transition Lilija into a big girl bed. We (really..."we" this time) figured that a twin bed was the way to go. I did some shopping around and found everything we needed. The big day arrived Saturday of last weekend. We thought she would be excited, hoped she would approve, and PRAYED she would stay in it!


I was putting away some of Lilija's clothes that were WAY to small for her including a tub of hats. (She never truly embraced her hats...too bad because we had a lot of cute ones!) Well, apparently she thought it would be fun to try them all out including the pink one in the picture. Then she wanted a ride in the wagon. Oh, not a big wagon...a toy one. Quite hilarious.