Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time for haircuts!

Haircuts with Tiffany at her new salon (Beauty Secrets in Elk River). Love some salon time with my girls!

Mama, I dress myself. Okay?

What do you get when your 2 year old wants to dress herself? Um, stripes, cowboy boots, and a hat. Stylish!

Lilija's first piano lesson

Friday, August 17, 2012

Mom's are better than chocolate CAKE!


We headed up to Nisswa to hang out with the Wooden's and got to be a part of Leif's birthday party! What a fun weekend...and happy 7th birthday to Leif!

First fishing trip

Digging for worms

I found one!

Good time for a nap.

Bait that hook!

Catch that fish!

You are going to taste yummy!

Trying to catch more...

Our bounty

Time for dinner! YUM!

Welcome to the family Baby Zachary!

I am finally an Auntie! Woo-hoo! Andy and Trish had their sweet little baby boy on May 12th. We are so excited to finally have a little boy around!

Ride with Bapa

Visit from the Kruppies

John, Connie, Jennifer, Little John, and others from the Kruppstead family came for a visit. What a random and fun night! There were lots of other people that I didn't get pictures of (sorry! a girl can only do so much with trying to take pictures, mingle, and watching the kiddos!).