Monday, September 28, 2009

Nana and Bapa's Cabin

Grandma and Grandpa Freeman had the joy of purchasing a permanent in the Grand Marais campground this year. We are lovingly calling it the "cabin". It's a beautiful trailer with a view of Lake Superior. *sigh* I can hear the foghorn calling...

Look at what I found!!

Oooooh! What is this?


These are great! How many can I fit in my mouth?!

The GM Crew

Andy, Trish and DoolieRog and MegScott, Meg-Meg and Jack

Lilija and Jack
Me and my Babe

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lilija's first skizzle

If you're wondering what a skizzle is then you NEED to take a drive to Grand Marais. It's legendary. Like I would almost drive to Grand Marais just to have one. Seriously. They're that good.

Grand Marais 2009 Part 1

We had a great time back in Grand Marais. We were able to use Mom and Dad's camper because of their new "cabin" in the campground. I was a little worried at first but it worked out great! I miss the smell of campfire...*sigh*...

Here's the famous driving pictures. A tradition in the Corbett Household.