Monday, April 29, 2013

Little miss photographer

Lilija has become obsessed with taking pictures. Good thing we got the girls cameras for Easter (thank you Craigslist!) so we can have ours back! Here are a couple of her best shots:

Play'ing dress-up

Now THAT'S and icicle!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Albino squirrel!

We have seen this squirrel for the last couple of years and I finally got a picture of it! You'll be enjoying dinner and all of a sudden someone shouts, "ALBINO SQUIRREL!" So, in honor of finally capturing a picture of him (or her), here are a couple albino squirrel fun facts (thank you Google).

  • The Albino Squirrel Preservation Society (ASPS) is an international collegiate organization dedicated to "fostering compassion and goodwill" toward albino squirrels 
  • Olney, Illinois, is the loudest booster of all albino squirrel towns, titling itself Home of the White Squirrels
  • Seeing an albino squirrel is supposed to bring good luck, especially with taking a test or exam.

Goofin' around with my Calah Girl

Smile! Or...kind of smile!

Funny face!

I think we need some more stuffed animals...

We love our GGs!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beaver Bay with the Woodens

Yep, the famous driving pictures!

Puppy got added this time. Welcome to the tradition!

What's with the hand thing, Calah?


-10 and that wasn't with the windchill. Burr!

Our home for the weekend

Keri and I (or is it Keri and me...hum...)

Keri and Toby

The view! A-MA-ZING!

The kiddos...from oldest to youngest: Leif, Kale, Lilija, Calah, and Reid

Me and my Babe

Nice moves guys!

We spent a ton of time in the pool - the kids are fishes!

Reid and Toby

Lilija and Leif


Cousins...more like sisters!

Rockin' the baby bump! Woo-woo!

I think there's a Lilija in there somewhere...

I went to wake Lil up from a nap and found her surrounded by her animals. Too cute!