Thursday, April 2, 2009

11 Months Old

Yep, still not sitting still. Maybe when she's 24 we'll finally get her to pose again!!

Highlights from the last month
  • Can point out Mama, Dada, and Baby in pictures and say the right names
  • Figured out how to go down the stairs (thanks Grama Mare!)
  • Found out that she likes to eat the plants/dirt (wonder where she got THAT from!)
  • Started "dancing"
  • Arrival of tooth number 3
  • Figuring out how to put things where they belong or put away toys
  • Funny words that she has said: mad cow, yoga and Gabby although she "talks" nonstop most of the day!
I can't believe that our little peanut is going to be 1 YEAR OLD next month. Where has the time gone?!

Love you all,
Carl "Chip", Kysa and Lilija

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