Saturday, November 14, 2009

The recap

Yes - so I've been a bit of a slacker in updating this but I have an excuse!! The past month and a half has been an absolute whirlwind!
  • Kent and Meghan's wedding out in Colorado beginning of October
  • We decided to move into Mom and Dad's rental house and sell our townhome. We pack our house in 1 week and move.
  • I have one week off work to get settled in...
  • and then I head out to North Carolina for 3 weeks for work. Get back on Thursday...
  • Carl leaves Friday morning for huntin'
So...that's the recap! Now stay tuned for the pictures...

Love you all,
Carl "Chip", Kys, Lilija and JJ Jr.

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Keri said...

I've missed seeing you on here! Hooray... you are back! Love you!