Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just an Update

Well today marks week 4 of Lilija being in her big girl bed. So far she's only fallen out of it once! (There aren't any side rails on it.) She cried for a few minutes and then was ready to go back to sleep. What a trooper! She hasn't figured out that she can get out of the bed on her own after nap and in the morning. (SWEET!) She wakes up talking and singing and waits for us to come into her room and get her! I'm guessing this won't last however we're thoroughly enjoying it for the time being!!

I started a new job on February 22nd! The right door finally opened! Thank you to all who have been praying for this to happen! I'm still in Learning and Development for Wells Fargo...and actually in the same building...but now I'm doing Curriculum Design. I was telling my new boss this last week that it's so much fun not fully knowing what I'm doing! I was definitely ready for a challenge and this job will do it!

The arrival of JJ Jr. is getting closer...we're still not exactly 100% sure of the "due date" but I would guess it's probably going to be very close to Lilija's 2nd birthday. We'll see! The nursery is starting to come together very nicely. It's exciting and a little strange to walk by the room and know there is going to be a baby there in a few weeks! We can't wait to meet the newest addition to our family!

So, that the update! Love you all,
Carl "Chip", Kysa, Lilija and Baby JJ Jr.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go girl! I'm so glad you got the position you wanted! Much Love From Mom C.