Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby JJ Jr. and Corbett Family Update

Well, we're in the home stretch! Wow. Can't believe that in the next few weeks a little baby will be joining our family!

We've been doing a lot of work around the house...both inside and try to get things as ready as possible. It's fun to actually have a yard to work on, although it would be nice to have it looking like Mom and Dad's right away. *sigh* A work in progress right?

My new job is going great! I'm really enjoying the learning process and it's nice to leave work when I'm supposed to leave work. What a concept!! Plus, I can just get up and "empty out or fill up" whenever I need to. No more "strategery" involved with planning that around teaching all day long. Sometimes it's the little things in life...

Carl has a lead in the church play this weekend. It's so fun to see him on the stage acting away! He's gotten a lot of compliments and I know that he'll do a great job!

Lilija just figured out that she can get out of bed in the middle of the night. Good thing we put a thingy over the door handle. She cried, I went in and put her back to bed, and she went right back to sleep. Mama, on the other hand, was up for another hour and a half. I guess it's about time to start remembering what sleep deprivation felt like.

We had our home meeting with the middies last weekend. In the picture you'll see Jeanne (she's the go to midwife in the state of MN) me, Carl, Lilija, and Pam (the other other middie. She has been with Jeanne for about 7 years and was with us for Lilija's birth.) We are so blessed to be in great hands! Our loving Father's and our incredible birth team! AMEN!

Love you all,
The Corbett Family

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