Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 Months Old

Yes, I've been slacking on this. Oh well, at least I'm still taking picture of them...just not updating you all! Calah is 10 months old now, and she is quite the handful. Literally. She is tall enough to reach onto our counters in the bathroom, bedroom dresser, etc. Oh, and she's 27.5 pounds, and is wearing 24 month - 2T clothes. Ha!

Here are some of the highlights from the last couple of months:
  • Loves to make messes. As in, will pull every book off of Lilija's shelf, or empty out the puzzle bin.
  • Has said the following words: bagel, wow, and goodbye.
  • Started "talking" on my cell phone or her play phone (video to follow).
  • Is working on getting her top two teeth in.
  • Can stand on her own for short amounts of time.
  • Walks around our coffee table, furniture, and anything else close to her.
  • Loves to dance!
  • Claps and puts her arms up in the air when you say, "so big!"
  • Thinks it's really funny to put her arms up in the air and make YOU say, "so big!"
  • Stood up on her own without assistance from anyone/anything.
  • Love to play "Chuck the nuk" at night. Not familiar with that one? It's where she will chuck her nuk out of the crib or under the crib - multiple times. Apparently, it's like "fetch" for babies.
Love you all,
Carl "Chip," Kysa, Lilija, and Calah

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