Monday, May 9, 2011

Lilija's Birthday Party - The Peeps

The guest of honor, Miss Lilija Marais! Doesn't she looked thrilled? We had just told her that she had to wait a little while for cake. Such is the life of a 3 year old!

Me and...wait...who is the hottie standing next to me?! Oh, that would be my hubby! :)

Calah, Bapa, and Nana

Note: You will see a lot of pictures of Calah in the birthday pictures. You see, Calah is still at the age where you can hold her and she'll take a picture. Lilija would prefer to run, jump, or do just about anything other than stand still for a picture.

Grandmarais and Robert

The GGs and Miss Calah

Uncle Andy and Calahdactyl

Scott and...

his son, Jack. Why do I all of a sudden have the theme song to Gilligan's Island in my head...

Bapa and Grandpa Mike

Alissa and Kari

Are you singing the Gilligan's Island theme song?

Katie and Shawn AKA Shawn (said with a French accent) and Poppy

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