Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lilija Funnies

Kids say the darnedest things. Yep, they sure do! Here is a compilation of some of Lilija's recent quotes. Enjoy!

Place: In the car

Setting: Carl and I were bantering back and forth about something (nicely…not arguing)

Lilija: “Daddy, be nice. Mama, be nice. Okay? You need to be nice, because you’re being rude.”

Place: In the “formal” living room

Setting: Carl and Lilija are on the love seat and Lilija is using the Tag Reader with her special books. I am chasing Calah around the living room and through the kitchen.

Lilija: “Sssh, Mama. Try to be more quiet. I’m trying to concentrate on my book, okay?”

Place: Our bedroom

Setting: Carl and I are folding laundry and are talking. Lilija and Calah enter the room…

Lilija: (grabs Calah’s hand) “Come on Calah, lets’ go. Mama and Daddy are talking.” (escorts Calah out of our room)

Place: Lilija's bedroom

Setting: I'm in the bedroom with Lilija and Calah and Lilija has just referred to Calah as "he" instead of "she" for about the millionth time.

Me: "Calah is not a he! She is a she! She! She! She! Why do you keep calling her a "he?!"

Lilija: "Because you make me nervous."

Me: "What did you just say?"

Lilija: (quietly) "You make me nervous."

Place: Bathtub

Setting: I had gotten a play tea set at a garage sale and Lil and Cal are playing with it in the tub. Lilija is pretending that her ducks are coming to the tea party. Note: The role of "Duck" is played by Lilija in a higher squeaky voice.

Lilija: "Do you want some tea?"

Duck: "No, I want some chocolate coffee."

Lilija: "You need to be patient."

Duck: "I want some chocolate coffee!"

Lilija: "I don't have chocolate coffee. I just have the real kind."

Duck: "Ok. I'll have that."

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