Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Congratulations party for Bapa

Bapa finally got a very much deserved promotion at work. He went from one fancy title to another, and we got together to celebrate! Yippee! Ya-hoo!Trish, can you believe that you're going to have a baby in just a few weeks?!Yea. Ham. I'm so excited. Lil and Cal on a ride. I think they were on this most of the night. It brought back memories of Andy and I running around in the same circle in the house singing "Noah found faith in the eyes of the Lord..."Playing a game of 10,000Lil with a genuine smile?! I think it is!!Bapa and his tower. Lil went to look at is and then summoned us to the living room by saying, "Adults! Come look at Bapa's tower!"

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