Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Birthday party for the girls - part 1

We had a combo birthday party for Lilija and Calah since their birthdays are so close together. Brilliant!! I'm hoping this will work for at least the next 20 years! No? Darn. Well at least the next few. Happy Birthday to my precious girls. I love you more than popcorn, trips to the pool, and unicorns...and that's A LOT!

Grandmarais and Lil

Grandmarais and Robert
Strike a pose, Lilija and Reagan!
Having fun!
Shaynn with the twins - Harper and Lincoln
Wendy and me
Me and Grandpa Kruppstadt - love this pic!
Calah in her new chair and shades
It was Gift-a-la-palooza! Thank you everyone!

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