Friday, November 2, 2012

The pontoon.

So, the pontoon. Where do we start this Gilligan-esque story? Well, you start by loading 8 adults, 3 kids, 1 baby, 1 dog, coolers, fishing stuff, and snacks onto a pontoon. (Yes, we were pretty much at capacity.) Then you throw in the Gunflint Lake. Now, this isn't just a little lake, this lake divides the US from Canada and is about 5 miles long, a mile and a half across, and about 200 feet deep.

We had been enjoying a beautiful day out on the lake and had been staying pretty close to the US shore. Well, we decided to start venturing across the lake towards Canada, and a couple people moved from the back of the pontoon to the front. This threw off the balance in the pontoon and we started to go the middle of the lake. (Like picture a miniature Titanic moment) People run to the back, Scott throws the boat in neutral, and the front of the pontoon pops out of the water and a wave comes towards the back. After we do a quick check to make sure everyone was ok and we didn't loose anything, Andy shouts, "My cooler!" We went into rescue mode, and althought we weren't able to save everything, we were able to get his cooler back, some water bottles, and a couple cans of Red Bull. (So, the fishing gear did come in handy, except we had really hoped to catch some fish instead.)

It was one of those moments that we will be talking about for years to come. "Remember the time that we almost Titaniced on the Gunflint Lake?"

Here are some pictures from the day. :)

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