Sunday, April 7, 2013

Albino squirrel!

We have seen this squirrel for the last couple of years and I finally got a picture of it! You'll be enjoying dinner and all of a sudden someone shouts, "ALBINO SQUIRREL!" So, in honor of finally capturing a picture of him (or her), here are a couple albino squirrel fun facts (thank you Google).

  • The Albino Squirrel Preservation Society (ASPS) is an international collegiate organization dedicated to "fostering compassion and goodwill" toward albino squirrels 
  • Olney, Illinois, is the loudest booster of all albino squirrel towns, titling itself Home of the White Squirrels
  • Seeing an albino squirrel is supposed to bring good luck, especially with taking a test or exam.

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