Monday, February 28, 2011

Shenanigans at Bennigan's

You heard me right. Complete shenanigans! About two months ago GG called and told me and the rest of the family that they wanted to take us out for a nice lunch. After putting it on the calendar I called my Mom and asked her if there was something going on. I just couldn't figure out why they wanted us to put it on the calendar so far in advance (my family is typically spur-of-the-moment). Mom told me some line about "everyone has such busy schedules that it's just hard to get everyone together." I bought it hook, line, and sinker!

Well, fast forward about 6 weeks and we go to Bennigan's for lunch. GG's are already there. Mom and I pull into the parking lot at the same time that Carl and the girls plus Andy and Trish roll in. We all walk into the restaurant, and were trying to figure out the seating arrangement when I start to say, "we have too many chairs." At that very moment Chip and Brandi (cousins from Colorado) come around the corner!

Apparently, when GG's were out in CO for Christmas, Acko Tommy and Nancy Nan told GG that they were going to give them their old Suburban. Chip and GG were going to drive it back to MN and then Chip would fly back to CO. Well, flights were cheep enough that Brandi was able to join in on the fun! I just wish we would have had more time to hang out. Oh well, a little time is better than none.

Calah, Bapa, Lilija, and Nana

Chip and Brandi


GG Bapa with Lj

GG Nana with Calah

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