Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lilija quote of the night

No pictures to this one. Just the conversation with a little background before I start. Lil loves to read stories to anyone that will listen, and she has a wonderful imagination. In most of her stories, she will stop and say, "and then there was a...." and she waits for you to fill in the blank. We have figured out that you either say:

1. a lion
2. an elephant, or
3. a horse

This typically makes things pretty easy. Well, she threw me for a loop tonight. Here's how it went - oh and by-the-way, we were reading a book about a ladybug.

Lilija: "And then there was a....?"
Me: "A lion?"
Lilija: "Nope! An elephant and a horse." (Slight change to the norm with the addition of the second animal. Clever.)

Fast forward 4 pages

Lilija: "And then there was a...?"
Me: "An elephant!"
Lilija: "No Mama! I already told you. It was an elephant AND a horse."

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