Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One comment before the mass o' postings begin

I'm sorry. Yep, I've been slacking. Life with a 3 year old, 1 year old, hubby working nights, and all of the other life stuff has been taking priority...as it should. So now that the girls are in bed, the house is mostly picked up, breakfast and lunch are made for tomorrow, and laundry is put away, I have a few moments to do as much updating as I can.

Here's a quick Corbett Family Recap
  • April 14th I was rear-ended on my way home from work. Car is remarkably ok seeing as it went up against a vehicle 4 times its size, but I hurt my neck and back. Thank goodness for the chiropractor! I just started PT (Physical Therapy) last week and I can tell that it's already helping; however, I also learned that I can't clean my floors on my hand and knees.
  • April 20th Lilija turned 3 years old! She's working on getting the potty training thing down. Some days are better than others but she's made huge strides in the last couple of weeks. Whew! She loves playing on the computer which she calls paqter (Pah-Q-ter). Other funny word that she mispronounces is pool which she calls the poodle. Needless to say we received some interesting looks at Target when she said that she wanted to play in the poodle.
  • May 15th Calah turned 1! WOW! She is such a character. She is loud, wants to play with everything that she shouldn't be playing with (TV remotes, opening drawers which have child locks on them, the garbage, and turning off the computer). She is starting to talk and loves to pretend that she's talking on the phone. I thought that Lilija was going to be my loud one, but Calah is going to give her a run for the money!
  • Memorial Day Weekend we went up to Grand Marais to spend some time with Nana and Bapa at their cabin. I wish the weather would have been better but we still had a ton of fun!
  • The following week...we had a garage sale. It was huge, the weather cooperated, and I had awesome help from the group every day. It was a lot of work, but it is so nice to have a clean garage, stuff out of the house, and people paid me for it. SCORE!
  • July 1st??? Carl is still enjoying his job and is really great at it. We're hoping that the state can figure out their budget issues and that he won't be laid off July 1st along with all the other state employees. My thought is this, throw in a couple of mom's that are coupon pros, manage to feed a family of 6 on barely existent income, and they'll tell you how to balance the budget!
Well, that's the scoop! Much love to you all and enjoy the "new" pictures!
Corbett Family

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