Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lilija Quotes

Ok, so I've been slacking again. Where does the time go?! Maybe by November I'll have Grand Marais pictures done! Tee-hee! So yes, I haven't had time to do Lilija's GRAND post; however I do have time to list a few of her recent comments. Enjoy!

Place: In the kitchen.
Setting: We had just come in from playing outside.
Lilija: "I love getting clean and dirty. That makes me hilarious!"

Place: Livingroom
Setting: I had just gotten done tickling Lilija and Calah.
Lilija: "Ha! Ha! (laughing) You just tickled my arm cups!" (armpits...arm works!)

Place: Livingroom
Setting: I got a beach ball from work and it's become a new favorite toy...until Lilija poked a hole in it. I decided to try to fix it with some packaging tape and it worked!
Lilija: "Yea! You fixed it! Now Daddy won't be grumpy!"

Place: Lilija's room
Setting: I was reading her a bed time story and in the book there's a picture of a Mommy and Daddy kissing under the mistletoe.
Lilija: "Look! It's Mama and Daddy kissing just like when we were born and you were married."

Place: Lilija's room
Setting: We were reading a bed time story about Minnesota. She was asking about where Grand Marais was and then asked where Leif and Kale live (in Nisswa). I told her they lived in the middle of the state and pointed it out on the cover of the book.
Lilija: "It takes a long time to get there huh? I ask 'are we there yet' 'no' 'are we there yet' 'no.' Right?"

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