Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Simply Calah

I thought it was about time for an update on the girls. Tonight my focus is Calah...simply because her pictures are next in the folder...and tomorrow will be Lilija's turn. I hope you enjoy!
Our sweet little Calah Girl is such a gift! She constantly has us on our toes and is very strong willed. And I mean VERY strong willed. I know that it will make her a great leader someday, but it sure can make things challenging now! She is curious about everything - how does it feel, how do I get this open, how does it sound, how does it taste? This leads to phrases like, "Calah! We don't eat ! She is also fearless and doesn't quite understand the concept of pain. Lilija was this way too, but Calah's pain tolerance is even higher. Again, this makes things very interesting! Like the time I was picking up the toys after bath and came around the corner to find Calah sitting on top of the kitchen table drinking a juice box. Or wanting to jump down our concrete stairs (I was holding her hand but she dove right off). We have our challenges - but she also gives great kisses, has a sweet giggle, loves to smile, twirl, and run. As her song says, "Calah Ann Corbett, I love you my girl! We'll hug and we'll dance! We'll laugh and we'll twirl!"

Here are some other highlights:
  • Said "Amen" after night time prayer on 08/22
  • After getting vinegar in her mouth for the first time (Note: This is typically a great form of discipline. It doesn't hurt me to do, doesn't hurt them, and vinegar is great for their digestive track.) she signed "more," opened her mouth, and said, "please."
  • Is starting to run...and is FAST!
  • Loves to play with the TV remotes. She has recorded all sort of interesting shows, and even said "mote" (while pointing to the remote) before she said "Daddy."
  • When you say "let's go" she will run to the closet and say "shoes! shoes! shoes!"
  • Loves to put the cowgirl hat on and ride the rocking horse.
  • And she makes the most hilarious duck noise. She doesn't say "quack" she actually makes the sound. It's outstanding!
The Corbett's

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