Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Simply Lilija

It is almost impossible to get Lilija to stay still for a picture or smile so you really have to be quick with the camera. These were at the Lion's Park in Coon Rapids - one of our favorite places to go with the girls. And no, the top picture is not Lilija in "time out!" To get to the park you have to cross over a bridge and Lil loves to throw leaves, twigs, wood chips, etc on one side of the bride and watch them float to the other side. So, that's what she's doing...looking for her leaves!

Let's see...where to start with the Lilija update...she's 3 1/2...and that should tell you a few things. Tee-hee. She is super smart, very funny, strong willed, trying to assert her independence, creative, and curious. She loves art (painting, crayons, or making sticker collages), singing songs about Jesus, and running - and she is FAST! She's also our little performer. She'll pick up a microphone and announce, "Welcome tooooooo the Mommy and the Daddy sing...the ABCD's!" (with hand motions and in an announcer voice)

And with the dramatics of performing, come the dramatics of being a 3 year old. *sigh* Sometimes it seems like it's training all day "Lilija we don't talk like that, use your nice words, you don't do this or don't do that." But, then you have those special moments that just catch you by surprise. Last week I was tucking her into bed (and Dolly, Fish, Bear, and Blanket) and she just reached up, gave me a hug, and said, "You're a great Mom." Makes the heart just melt.

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