Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas Eve - Part 2

Santa made a visit to our house Christmas Eve. I know that's a little early, but it works. Last year Lilija hid under the kitchen table, but right after he left started talking about how "Santa is my best friend and next year I'm not going to be scared. I'm going to give him a BIG hug!" We've been listening to this story for the last year! We were really curious to see what would happen...Who could that be? Santa??It IS Santa!Let the reactions begin. Lilija is under the kitchen table...again.Calah starts freaking out because Lilija is freaking out...Lilija's next spot? Her little table in the kitchen! She kept saying, "Just bring the presents over here...just bring the presents over here."I thought that maybe Calah would handle it better if I tried to take her over to Santa. Guess not.We finally got her to come over and open her gift, but she would not look at him.Bye, Santa! And what will the story of 2012 be?

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Grammarais said...

The Best Santa Ever!