Monday, January 30, 2012

Christmas morning

"Santa" brought the girls big trucks for Christmas...and we decided to let them drive them in the house for the day. Yes, I'm serious. If you don't believe me, watch the video below this post. :)
Calah's Dolly
When we asked Lilija what she wanted for Christmas she said, "A unicorn and a horse." Santa took care of the unicorn part, and we got her and Calah matching Wells Fargo horses. Check, check!
Me and my big girl!
On the count of three, let's all start singing our favorite Lion King songs! Ready? (People won't stare...just do it!) One, two, three...
The nativity calendar. This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions! My Nancy Nan made this for Andy and I when we were little. The people are made out of the old school clothes pins and she painted their faces and made these adorable outfits. I think Andy and I used to fight over putting up the Wise Men. It's been so fun to see Lilija and Calah have that excitement over the calendar...AND they're learning the Christmas Story! In the words of Lilija, "There was something special about Mary. She was growing a baby soon! Her husband Jofes was with her." Close!!

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