Saturday, February 18, 2012

2012 - Family Update

Wow. I just finished my last post from 2011 and we're on February 18th. So, maybe I can have a Corbett Family Letter sent out by June? Before I jump into the 2012 posts (because it's probably going to take me a while to get caught up) I figured I would do a family update. And if you find this sort of stuff boring, no need to worry, I only do this sort of thing every blue moon. :)

So, first of all - why am I so behind on this thing? Well, it's been a very busy year so far. I decided to go back to school. For serious. I haven't been in college since the 1999-2000 school year. Wow. I feel ancient. *sigh* I've been putting it off long enough and realized that I just need to get it done. I'm looking at a lot of classes and work ahead, but it will be worth it! Right now I'm working on finishing up my generals and then will go for my Bachelors in Communications. Yea!

I also became a Norwex Consultant at about the same time. It's an all natural cleaning product line. I've never believed in a product enough to want to represent it, but this stuff rocks! Save time, save money, and no cleaning chemicals in my home. Score!

And yep, still working at Wells and really enjoying my job. But my best job of all is being a wife to Carl and a Mama to my girls (at least on most days...let's be honest now. Tee-hee!).

So what's going on with Carl? Well, he's still working for Anoka Ramsey Community College in the evenings. He's constantly getting recognition for what a great job he does. During the day he is at home with the girls. I am in constant awe in the job that he is doing raising our girls. He's such a patient and fun teacher! We were at the dinner table and he was asking Lil about "take-aways." He was asking, "what is 3 takeaway 2?" and Lilija would get the answer right. I thought, how cool! She's already learning math in preschool! Carl said, "Well maybe, but that's been something we've been working on at home." He's homeschooling her without even realizing it!

Lilija started preschool in February, and she LOVES it! She's having so much fun hanging out with kids her age, doing crafts, and she's learning about Jesus too! She only goes 2 part time days a week for now, and then in the fall will go to three part time days. Besides school, Lil loves art, reading, playing the computer, and running! She constantly on the go! Oh, and she is crazy lucky at playing Chutes and Ladders and Candyland. Like, crazy lucky. I think I've won one game between the two.

Calah is growing up way too fast. I can't believe that she'll be 2 in May! We just moved her into a big girl bed a week ago. The first night was a little rough, but she's loved it ever since. She is so silly, loves to climb, copy her big sister, and is a cuddler. And her biggest love is shoes. This girl is probably going to have a closet of them when she's older! She loves putting on shoes and walking around the house. The first time I wore my winter boots she got so excited and said, "BOOTS! So cute! I try! I try!" and sure enough, within minutes of me getting home she was walking around the house in them. Flip-flops, boots, heels, you name it, she loves them all!

So, that's the scoop!

With love,
The Corbett's

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