Saturday, February 18, 2012


FRIENDSMAS! One of my most favorite times of the year! I get to hang out with my favorite peeps, eat great food, and the White Elephant Game just gets better every year...well except I wish we could find the elf from Tricia's first year with us. I think that was the best one ever!
Trish, Baby Freeman (in tummy), and AndyScott, Calah, and Meghan
Meghan, Trish, and Me
The spread, featuring: green beans sauteed in garlic, beef roast in herbs, and roasted veggies in a Fleur de sel. Uber fancy and delish!
Gosh! She looks like she's about 9!
Funny face!
Me and my Babe
Mask time! No, we didn't do arts and crafts; however, Meghan's family did for their Christmas. They have a themed Christmas from around the world every year. I can't remember which county it was this year, but part of that country's tradition is making masks. Apparently, Andy and I thought it would be great fun to model them.

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