Monday, September 24, 2012

Family Update

Well, I'm finally through July's pictures and it's September 24th. Sigh. Such is life, eh? I guess I should start with a quick summer re-cap. Are you ready?

Over the summer the girls spent most of their time up at the Anoka Aquatic Center. It's 0.7 miles there...which Carl knows quite well because he would run up there...pulling the girls in the wagon. Seriously. It was so fun to see them progress from not wanting to go under water to jumping off the sides, swimming underwater, and going down the "big" slide. We have some little fishes on our hands!!

I can't believe the summer has come and gone and we are moving right into fall. Gosh, I love this time of year! The sound of the leaves beneath your feet, being able to wear sweaters and sweatshirts, bonfires, football, and chili! And back to schedules and routines!

Lilija is back at Mount Olive Preschool this year and is now going 3 days a week. She loves to learn and looks forward to going! Let's hope that keeps up! On the days that she isn't at school, Carl does an awesome job of trying to keep her challenged. Right now they are working on math. It's so fun to see her brain in learning mode! I should be doing a better job of keeping track of all of  the funny things that she says, but these are a few of the favorites that made it to the white board in our kitchen:

  • "If God didn't make applesauce, I'm not going to eat it."
  • "I love you more than squash hugs and pancakes on noses!"
  • "That slide is an inturrupter hair conductor!"
  • "I'm the cowgirl from Rodeo Studio!"

Calah...where to start with that child? I have never met a kid with such a high pain tolerance and strong willed personality! Plus you add in those curls with the sweetest smile and you've got trouble!! We really need to get her into gymnastics because she wants to climb, jump, and swing off of everything! It's not a couch, it's a trampoline! It's not a windowsill, it's a ledge to hang from! She constantly wants to go faster and higher. She also started preschool this year going one day a week with Carl for a Parents and 2 Year Old class. How sweet is that?!

Carl, like I mentioned, does an awesome job with the girls and is just fantastic about creating learning moments in everyday situations. Eating cereal becomes a time to do math, playing outside becomes a science lesson. It's amazing to see how much they have learned because of him! In the evenings he is still working at ARCC. While it's not his favorite job, the hours are perfect, and he is probably the hardest working most dependable person there!

I got a new job in June as a Learning and Development Consultant with Wells Fargo Wealth, Brokerage, and Retirement. It's been a hard but good change. After being in the same division for 12 years (yep, I've been there that long!) any change would be hard. I miss being the expert, my commute, and all of my old work buds, but I am thankful for an opportunity to learn something new and to be challenged. I mean, I can use the word "fiduciary" in a sentence...and use it the right way!

So I think that's the scoop! I'm hoping to have Labor Day Grand Marais pictures up and posted by the end of the week. We'll see....

Love you all,

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