Monday, September 10, 2012

Homemade soft pretzels - kindof

I get the Penzeys Spices catalog (if you are saying "um, Kysa....what are you talking about?" you need to open another window and Google Penzeys Spices...or better yet, here's a link, just make sure you come back to MY blog soon! and one of the recipes was for homemade soft pretzels. Um, okay! I had been talking to Lilija about making these for a few weeks and after getting the wrong kind of yeast and then not having bread flour I finally had all of the ingredients! It was going to be a fun and magical of night of pretzel making.  
My assistant bakers

This seems a little sticky...

It was so sticky that I couldn't get it to roll. I could barely get it into a "thing" to put into the boiling soda water before it went into the oven. Sigh.

This is what they are SUPPOSED to look like...

This is what OURS looked like!

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