Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas with SMACK MR T LJ aka "Friendsmas"

It was our year to host...I won last year with the picture of the dancing bears and a box of Jello. (It was a shout out to our Labor Day camping trip at Lutsen.) here's the background. SMACK MR T LJ stand for Scott, Meg-Meg, Andy, Carl, Kysa, Meg, Roger, Trish, Lilija and Jack. We've been getting together on Christmas Eve-Eve every year since 2004ish. The person that wins the white elephant gift exchange hosts the following year. (We vote on the funniest gift) So there you go! If you have further questions feel free to ask. :)Jack and Lilija...don't they look thrilled?!Andy and Tricia's little girl Doolie - Doo-da-doo!!The boys: Andy, Scott, Rog and Carl
The girls: Trish, Me, Meg-Meg and Meg

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