Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas with the Corbett's

Dad, Kari and Alissa came over to our house on Christmas Day for brunch. The rest of the Corbett's had headed down to Florida for the week. I'm just a wee-bit jealous but the snow here was beautiful. Right? Yes, it was beautiful.Lilija got a remote controlled robot from Dad and Kari. It was a huge source of entertainment for the day!Lilija, Kari and Grampa Mikers watching the robot
Another picture of the robot. Go robot go!!Gramma Sherri and Robert got Lilija the pink Radio Flyer scooter you see in the background. Grandpa Mikers and Kari got her the helmet so she's safe. I thought it was incredibly special for both sides of Carl's family to unknowingly go in on such a cool gift together. I know Lilija is going to have a TON of fun this spring riding it up and down the street!What a big girl! Where did our baby go??

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