Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas in Nisswa

We headed up to Nisswa the day after Christmas. It was a little scary on the drive up but we made it there safe and sound. Auntie Jan had a soup buffet for dinner and she was easily talked into making some Danish Puff. Baby JJ Jr. really enjoyed that! We spend some time outside sledding (SUPER fun! Lilija said "Wee" and "Again!" the entire time we were outside!) Carl, Lilija and I spend the night at Keri and Toby's house, went to church with them in the morning, headed in to Brainerd to see Grandma Marge and then headed home. It was a quick but really fun trip!This was the entry point for their driveway. Thank goodness for all wheel drive! Ella, Leif, Lilija and Carl watching some cartoons before it was time to leaveLilija must be taller then we think. She went into the kitchen, grabbed an apple, and came back into the living room with bites already out of it. I guess there are much worse things she could have been eating. "Lilija we do not eat___________!" Let me see, I know I've said the following: kitty food, rocks, dirt, plants, paper, books, twigs, trees, grass, and a lot more that I can't remember at the moment. She's her Mama's child. If you want verification on that ask my Mom. I'm sure she would be MORE than happy to tell you some stories!

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Keri said...

I love that she is in the rocking chair that WE sat in!