Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Liliija - The Update

Since I did an update on Calah, I thought I should do an update on Lilija. Here it goes!

Lilija is 2 1/2 (does that tell you anything?!) and is too smart for her own good. We are in the days of training with her. Jesus gave her a strong willed personality, a hilarious sense of humor, and an incredible thirst for adventure. Mix that with a force of constant energy, no fear, and the cutest little singing voice, and you've got our Lilija!

Her favorite things are reading, running ("I run really fast"), and building things. Right now she's on a towers and puzzles kick. Oh, and she runs really fast, as in faster than Mama. Yeah, I know...I'm not the fastest runner, but seriously she loves to get on the treadmill, and has gone as fast as 6 miles an hour. Mind you, it was only for a moment, and YES, Carl holds her hand the entire time so she's safe, but 6 miles an hour?! I think my top is 5. Goodness, I really need to step up the cardio!

She loves to "read" to you. The book Going to the Zoo is a daily must read, and Lilija likes to tell you what all the animals are doing. The other day she told me that "snakes are very snakey." I wasn't aware of that. Good to know.

Finally, my favorite, she loves to sing "Oh how I love Jesus." You'll hear her precious little voice out of the blue just singing along...or in the monitor at night as she's going to sleep (immediately followed by the Dinosaur song).

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