Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mall of America

Nana and Calah Girl
This is one of Lil's favorite rides. She's an animated child anyways, but watching her talk about this ride is hilarious!
And of course, with all of the awesome rides...you must do the quarter carousel ride. Fitting I suppose because on a trip to South Dakota...North...one of the Dakota's...when I was a little girl we went to a show where a guy was wrestling an alligator. Andy and I apparently threw a fit because we wanted to go on the little carousel ride. Oh, how life comes full circle...

Under Water World ROCKS!

This one is for you, Leif! Look at the dragon made of LEGO's! Crazy!
I have not been on any type of amusement ride in years! You would think that a kids ride would be a little lame, but I was laughing hysterically on this. It really whips you around! It was one of the highlights of the weekend for me. Lilija just cuddled right in and giggled the entire ride. :)

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