Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kysa "Crock Pot" Corbett

Yes, I am still pregnant. *sigh* Apparently I'm just a slow cooker. I've finally started cutting back my hours this week at work so that has been helping. And yes, we have tried everything. I have gotten a massage, pedicure, gone to the chiropractor, eaten spicy food, and have done other things. I'm thinking about trying out a trampoline or horseback riding next.

In all honesty, I'm feeling pretty outstanding for being over 41 weeks. Carl has been incredible and is doing a great job of taking care of me. Lilija is starting to figure out that a baby is going to be joining us. Just a couple of days ago she woke up and said, "Baby? Is baby born?"

I figure baby can't stay in there much longer and every day longer is one more warmer day of maternity leave. Right?

Oh, and another funny Lilija moment...yesterday morning when I was getting ready she came up to me and said, "Hi! I Lilija. Nice to meet you!" I just smiled and said, "Um...nice to meet you too!"

Anyhoo, thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We'll update the blog when the baby is born with information and pictures so this is the place to stay in the loop.

Love you all,
The Corbett's

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di bridenstine said...

Wow Girl, Talk about building up the suspense! Here's hoping the next time I check in there's some water birth pictures and whatnot.

We're thinking of you. Can't wait to meet the newest Corbett, and finally get our families together!

love,di : )