Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Note...

Thanks for all of your positive thoughts and prayers. We are all doing well. I'm healing and looking forward to my first adventure out of the house on Saturday. Sparky's blueberry pancake here I come!

Baby Corbett is doing great! She is growing and making all of the funny faces that babies do. She barely fits in her gowns because she is so long and likes to fall asleep while eating. We have discovered that her feet are VERY ticklish so playing with her feet usually keeps her up for a while. Last night she slept for almost 6 hours (YEA!!!!!!!) so we (Carl and I) feel like we're starting to come out of the fog a little bit.

Lilija has been adjusting as well as can be expected. She keeps saying, "Oh, baby so cute!" and then cries because she wants more attention. We've been trying really hard to spend as much time with her as possible and tell her that she is such a good helper. Funny...speaking of helper...the middies made me get a pack of Depends to use for the first day after she was born. We were changing Baby Corbett and asked Lilija to get a diaper for the baby. She ran off and came running back with a Depends and said, "Here you go!" Thanks Lilija, we were looking for one a bit smaller than that. :)

So, that's about it!

Love you all,
The Corbett's

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